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About the Company

Each Company has a name. Some makes sense, some dont, but name it must have. Apple, for example is a fruit, makes no sense to be the name of a Tech Giant. Cisco, is short for San FranCISCO. Microsoft probably makes some sense, Amazon is the name of a river and Boeing, I have no idea what that means !!.

Being a "Network" focussed company, a lot of thought process and attention went into creating the name of our company, We wanted to name the company as the one that provides its customers with near-perfect solutions (if not exactly perfect). Our slogan "Consider it done" made us think of coming up with a calculation that gives us near-perfect Availability Time. i.e. Lowest Downtime. Amazon's well-known 11-Nine's is the highest and best SLA in Google search. A deeper search to find the first numbers that provides nano-second downtime, identified "14-Nines". Shown below are two calculations of the number of nines at which the Downtime converts from micro seconds to nano-seconds (monthly, Table-1) and from milli-seconds to nano-seconds (per day, Table-2).

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Why 14Nine

14Nine prides itself with three primary reasons to satisfy and gain the confidence of its customers;

* All of our Engineers are highly Educated with a minimum of Master's degree.
* All of our Engineers are highly Qualified with a minimum of 10+ years of experience.
* All our Engineers are Certified in their respective technologies in order to support you for all your IT needs.


We provide end-to-end network consulting services, including design, implementation, configuration, support.

We provide low latency network design and consulting services.